Want to have the best lawn in the neighbourhood? We are here to help!

Our rolls are 2′ x 5′, or 10 sq ft. Sod cannot be returned, as it is a perishable product.

Rolls of sod

Installation Steps:

1.  Remove the old lawn and/or weeds, if any exist.  One removal tactic is digging them out with a flat-bladed shovel (make sure you get the roots).

2.  Break up the compacted soil with a tiller, which can be rented from your local rental center.

3.  Arnts Topsoil recommends using two inches of Screened Topsoil . Using the tiller, till the new soil into your existing soil.  It may seem like a lot of hard labour, but good soil preparation is key to success in laying sod!

4.  Rake the soil to begin to level it out, remove any rocks or debris that you find.  To avoid problems with excess run-off, make sure that any site grading you do allows water to flow away from the house. Now, use a lawn roller filled 1/3rd full of water over the area to firm and settle the surface, and reveal any areas which may require more soil.

5.  Start laying your sod!  Begin on the outer edges, unrolling a roll of sod on the far left-hand side, then another on the far right-hand side (or vice versa).  After laying these two rolls, work your way in towards the center with subsequent strips.

6.  A single roll of sod may not be long enough to cover the whole length of the lawn.  This means you’ll have to lay separate rolls, end to end, pressing the ends firmly together so that they abut tightly, but without overlapping.

7.  Make sure you stagger the ends of the sod rolls, so the seams don’t line up.

8.  If a strip of sod appears too low, use some topsoil to bring it up to the proper level.

9.  Once finished laying the sod – it’s time to use the roller again!  Push it over the sod and press it down firmly against the soil.  This removes air pockets, promoting good contact with the soil, allowing your sod’s roots to go to work immediately.

10. For a strict two weeks after laying the sod, remember to water faithfully every day.  Also, avoid any heavy or concentrated use on your freshly laid sod.



  • The best time to lay sod is in the spring or fall (in the summer sod is more likely to dry out due to the extreme heat).
  • Sod must be laid within 12 hours.
  • Lay the edges first as they are more likely to dry out – you may have to trim somewhere but make sure it’s not on the edges!!


Tools Required:

  • Sod & Screened Topsoil (both available at Arnts Topsoil)
  • Tiller, roller, rake & sharp knife