Salt & Deicers

Salt & Deicers

Bulk Products

rock salt

Regular road salt, effective to -8ºC. One cubic yard weighs between 2200 lbs and 2400 lbs depending on moisture.

Clearlane enhanced deicer is an enhanced deicing salt product containing a pre-wetting agent, colouring agent, and a corrosion inhibitor. It is a highly effective performer that protects exposed steel surfaces from damp salt corrosion and remains free-flowing at low temperatures. It adheres to the road surface more effectively than dry salt, minimizing loss of deicer from wind and traffic scatter, providing more efficient deicing. Works to ~-15ºC.

Thawrox is the industry’s premier de-icing product, combining the performance of liquid de-icing technology with proven melting effects of rock salt. Using Thawrox instead of untreated salt reduces applications by 20-30% per storm. That quals lower labour and equipment maintenance costs – so your de-icing dollars go further than ever before. Works to ~-15ºC.

Pickled Sand







A mix of 75% brick sand to 25% road salt. Provides deicing as well as traction. Sold by the cubic yard.

Bagged Products

**Due to weather conditions this year, please call us to confirm what products we currently have in stock**

Envirogrip Deicer and Traction product

Envirogrip – 18.1 kg bag
Provides instant traction while also being completely safe for the environment, concrete, children and pets. Works to -25ºC.







Magnesium Pellet deicer

Magnesium Pellet – 22.6 kg bag
Excellent deicing product which is safe for concrete, plant life, pets and kids. Works to -25ºC.







Magneisium Flake deicer

Magnesium Flake – 22.6 kg bag
Excellent deicing product which is safe for concrete, plant life, pets and kids. Works to -25ºC.







Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride Flake – 20 kg bag
Calcium is a less corrosive product than road salt. Works to -20ºC.







ProMelt Slicer deicer

ProMelt Slicer 20 kg bag
Road salt blended with magnesium, calcium, potassium and other minerals in order to enhance deicing. Works to -18ºC.







ProMelt Enhanced

ProMelt Slicer Enhanced 20 kg bag
Road Salt treated with liquid magnesium and a colouring agent, similar to our bulk treated deicing products. Works to -21ºC.







ProMelt Slicer Extreme deicer

ProMelt Slicer Extreme 20 kg bag
Treated deicer mixed with pure magneisum pellets, giving it the stongest melting power of the three ProMelt products. Works to -25ºC.






Thawrox treated salt deicer

Thawrox 20 kg bag
Thawrox road salt treated with liquid magnesium, a corn based enhancer and food colouring dye; prebagged version of the Thawrox deicer available in bulk. Works to -15ºC.