Tips & FAQs

Tips & FAQs

Installing pavers and walls
Installing these products yourself is easier than you might think, but we do have many resources to help you along. Most companies have installation guides as well as catalogues which are free. We also host many Do It Yourself seminars throughout the year where you can watch a pro install interlock and walls in person. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Can you place my natural stone where I want it?

In general, we do not place material anywhere but your driveway as the boom truck has only a 15 ft reach from the road. If you want your material placed somewhere in that area there is an additional charge based on the weight of the rock, as it requires a lot of time and skill on the part of our drivers to place your rocks safely and correctly.

How do I figure out how much soil/gravel I need?
The formula used to calculate cubic yards is as follows:

Diagram explaining how to calculate cubic yards

Or use the following chart:

Diagram detailing the area 1 cubic yard covers at various depths








Can I seal natural stone products?
Yes! Both interlocking pavers and natural stone products can be sealed. We carry a variety of sealers, cleaners and enhancers. Visit our location for more information.

What soil do I use for what application?
We carry a variety of different soils for all different applications. Please check out our Soils & Amendments page or give us a call or visit our location for more details.

When is the best time to re seed?
The best time to re seed is in the spring or fall, when the temperature is 15 – 20ºC.

Do you rent equipment?
We do not rent equipment. If you give us a call or come in to our store, we would be happy to provide you with information on where to rent equipment.

Do you do installations?
We do not do any installation or on site work beyond delivering you your product. We also do not recommend any contractors, as we have not seen their work.

Do you sell plants?
We do not sell any plants (other than grass seed and sod) – just the soil they need to grow in!