Winter Tools & Accessories

Winter Tools & Accessories

Winter Accessories

Metal Snow Shovel 21″

Heavy-duty Steel Shaft Poly shovel head with metal edge. Shovel size: 525 x 285mm Polypropylene coated steel tube shaft with foam grip Two tone D-handle

Snow shovel


Plastic Snow Shovel 21″

Aluminum Bent Shaft ABS Yellow D-Handle with plastic edge. Shovel size: 525 x 285mm.



snow shovel





 Winter Gloves

Red/Brown lined jersey

winter gloves




Black knitted insulated glove with latex palm

Click to view full size of image of Gloves Latex Knitted Insulated Black

Super Gripper insulated gloves (available in Large and Extra Large)

Click to view full size of image of Super Gripper Gloves XL (pair)

Multi Pack winter gloves

Click to view full size of image of Gloves Multi - 3pack

Windshield Washer Fluid

  • A specially developed methanol based fluid designed to provide excellent grime, salt and snow cleaning performance under cold weather conditions.
  • All season windshield washer
  • Protects freezing down to –40°C
  • A non-smear formulation
  • Packaged in a new easy pour bottle the consumer can avoid spillage when filling up the vehicle’s reservoir.