Yard Tools

Yard Tools

Yard Tools

We are happy to now carry an extensive line of yard tools, making Arnts Topsoil your one stop shop for all of your landscaping needs!

G3FTFHLandscaping Rake

Aluminum Landscaping Rakes are very rigid and are used primarily in the preparation of base materials such as gravel and sand, in order to achieve a level surface on which to lay interloc


GSRMWDHRound Mouth Shovel

A type of shovel ideally suited to digging, where the point makes it easy to pierce hard soil. The wide shovel head design holds a large pile of dirt which cuts down on the digging and transfer time.


GSAWDHGrain Shovel

Has a wide aluminium or plastic blade that is attached to a short hardwood handle with “D” top. This shovel has been designed to offer a lighter tool with a large head that makes quick work of larger projects such as spreading mulch.

GSSMDHPDGSquare Mouth Shovel

This flat-bottomed, unsharpened shovel is meant really only for moving materials and general use. This is typically used for mixing concrete.

GSFDHSpading Fork

Used for loosening, lifting and turning over soil. It is used similarly to a spade, but in many circumstances it is more appropriate than a spade: the tines allow the implement to be pushed more easily into the ground, it can rake out stones and weeds and break up clods, it is not so easily stopped by stones, and it does not cut through roots.

GGSFGDHGarden Spade

Its straight, square-edged blade is great for digging, preparing beds for planting, combining soil mixtures, edging beds and slicing through sod.

GATRLevel Rake

Heavy-duty garden rake suitable for breaking up soil and leveling garden beds as well as removing thatch from lawns.

GR11TFSSB48Flex Steel Rake

Garden rake with a smaller head that is excellent for tight spaces such as underneath shrubs.

GRB14TWHBow Rake

A bow rake is more heavy-duty than a garden rake. Both bow and garden rakes can be used to collect leaves, hay, grass or other garden scraps. But bow rakes are often used to loosen or break up hardened soil because of their sturdy nature. It can also be used for leveling, for example when preparing the base material for interlock.

GRL24TRWHLawn Rake

A basic gardening rake used to de-thatch lawns and gather leaves.

AU-T8X8Hand Tamper

Manual hand tamper which is used to compact the base material for interlock. Excellent for small jobs such as adding edging to driveways or behind walls.


Basic wheelbarrow which holds 6 cubic feet of material (approximately 4-5 wheelbarrows to a yard).

GTR14TWHAsphalt/Tar Rake

Constructed with a forged steel head and wide-set teeth, this rake can be used to spread heated materials such as asphalt without being compromised. The wide set teeth allow for movement through materials with a high viscosity.

Ox Level

Landscape level used to create a flat surface to layer interlock. This level has two milled surfaces, 3 duel-view vials, and air cushioned Ergogrip handles for better comfort and performance.

OX-P023405.jpg_40 Ox Tape Measure

8m/ 26ft Tape Measure with a chrome case made for heavy duty use and a cushion grip providing comfort and a slip resistant hold.

Ox Trade TC-15 Concrete Blade

A General Purpose blade with 15mm segment height, Combining excellent performance in speed of cut and life. Available in both 12” & 14” blades with bores of 20mm & 1-20mm. Available Applications: Building products, General purpose, curbs and slabs, concrete pavers and blocks, roof tiles.

OX-UC10-9.jpg_181Ox Cyclone UC-10 Concrete Blade

A Concrete Blade with10mm Segment height, tear drop gullet design, cooling holes with ultimate safety including a reinforced center plate & OSA. Available in both 12” & 14” blades with bores of 20mm & 1-20mm. Applications: In-situ concrete (including reinforced), Concrete products, Building materials.

Ox Zenith PU-10 Universal Blade (Natural stone)

A Natural Stone Blade with a 12mm segment height, cooler cutting temperatures, and a reinforced center plate for safety. Available in both 12” & 14” blades with bores of 20mm & 1-20mm. Applications: Granite, natural stone, clay products, engineering bricks, metal, concrete products, all building materials. Arnts Topsoil recommends this blade mainly to be used for natural stone.

 AU-DRR3 Pc Driveway Roller

Driveway roller used to apply sealers to pavers and natural stone. Roller re-fills are available.

Liquid Gel Knee Pads