Arnts: The Landscape Supplier has been providing Durham and the Greater Toronto Area with quality landscape supplies and topsoil for over 40 years.

Old Arnts Topsoil sign from our original location

Ted Arnts immigrated from Holland to Canada in 1954 as a young man with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He started his own sod laying company with a friend in the late 1950s, and in 1964 he and his wife started a trucking company, hauling sand and gravel to construction sites in Durham. They eventually started selling many different landscaping materials at their yard in Pickering, forming Arnts: The Landscape Supplier in 1972.
Supplying the Durham Region with quality landscaping materials and topsoil became a family passion –  the business is now run by Ted’s two sons, Michael and Ted Jr.


Ted Sr. and Ted Jr. in front of the Pickering location in 1979.

Ted Jr., Ted Sr., and Michael – 2010


Arnts Delivery Trucks

Arnts Topsoil dump truck from the 1980s


Arnts Topsoil dump truck from the 1990s


Arnts Topsoil dump truck from the 2000s

2000s – Arnts Topsoil Dump Truck